Renard Cuisine Blanc 750ml

Renard Cuisine Blanc 750ml

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甲州を主体とした、中辛口の白ワイン。 フルーティーな口当たりで、家庭料理にも合わせやすいデイリーワインです。

A blended white wine made predominantly with 'Koshu' grapes. An every-day wine with a light fruity palate that is easy to match with home cooking.

Fuefuki, Yamanashi

Alps Wine

ALPS WINE Co., Ltd. Was found in 1962 in the heart of Fuefuki, a city with over one thousand years of history. Our winery is situated along the mountains, North of the Mt. Fuji. We are located inside Yamanashi Pref. which is known for its vast beautiful peach and grape fields.