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Dover Cherry Blossom Liqueur 1800ml

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Japanese Liqueur

  • Alcohol Level: 22%
  • Made in Kanagawa / Hyogo, Japan

SAKURA, the cherry blossom, is a very important symbol for the Japanese and holds a significant position in their culture. Dover recreates the delicate and distinct fragrance of the cherry blossom as a liqueur.



Dover Limited is a company importing liquors from 30 overseas suppliers mainly in the EU, while our production division, Dover Distilleries Ltd., produces approximately 200 types of our own branded brandy, spirits, and liqueurs at our two distilleries located in Western and Eastern Japan: the Kobe-Sanda Distillery and Kanagawa-Atsugi Distillery. With a wide variety of liquors totaling to more than 400 types including imports and domestics, we have been able to meet the diverse and changing needs of our customers.