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Mongaifushutsu Junmai Ginjo 55 720ml

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Fermented at lower temperatures and with a higher koji-rice ratio than other sakes, this Junmai Ginjo shows fruity aromatics, a strong rice flavour and a dry, crisp aftertaste. The sake's rich umami flavours pair well with any dish.
Oyama, Tochigi

Nishibori Shuzo

Nishibori Shuzo is a brewery designated as a National Registered Tangible Cultural Property established in 1872. 

Including local sake “Mongai Fushutsu“ brand of local production for local consumption of Tochigi, we are developing Japan's first patented "transparent bottle brew“ “CLEAR BREW“ and “I MY ME“, an ancient rice pure rice liquor.

We challenge “unforgettable“ sake making with flexible ideas and research according to the times. At the same time, in order to develop the sake culture, we will focus on disseminating and spreading it in order to pass on to the next generation.