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Satsuma Shuzo Shiranami Imo Shochu 1800ml

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Japanese Shochu

  • Shochu Type: Potato 
  • Alcohol Level: 25%
  • Made in Kagoshima, Japan

Satsuma Shiranami is made from Rice Koji (Malted Rice)and locally grown Sweet Potato "Kogane-Sengan", that suits for the Shochu production, is made by our Shochu Master Distiller called "TOJI", who has acquired craftsmanship of traditional Shochu production method. Ingredients are so important that we make contract with local farmers and we use fresh and quality Sweet Potato for our Shochu production. When we receive those Sweet potatoes of South Satsuma, our workers check its quality one by one and trim it carefully by hand. It has robust rich sweetness with luscious sweet potato aroma. All-natural ingredients. No additives.



Satsuma Shuzo, established in 1936, has been working on Shochu production sincerely with care. Especially, our flagship brand "Satsuma Shiranami" which was commercialized in 1955 has been loved not only in local Makurazaki city but also prefecture wide. In the late 1970s, we promoted to enjoy Shochu "Oyuwari", which is Shochu mixed with hot water, at the ratio of 6(Roku) part Shochu and 4(Yon) part hot water and it was called "Roku-Yon". This "Roku-Yon" serving style became a big trigger of the first Shochu trend. That was started in the 1980s, and it contributed to raising recognition of Sweet Potato Shochu nation-wide. Today, Satsuma Shiranami is well known all over Japan.