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Tenryo Tobikiri Tokubetsu Junmai 720ml

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Background: Our Tokubetsu Junami Tobikiri is the best seller in Tenryo history. This sake has been served by a lot of “Ryoutei” in Japan, which is a very traditional Japanese restaurant. This sake has a very unique and valuable character which goes with any type of Japanese food and maybe served either chilled or warm.

This sake served at 4-5° Celsius(39.2-41° Fahrenheit)is best tasting when eating it with sashimi or a vinegared food.

Topics: It is over 40years of the best seller in Tenryo history

Taste Summary: Dry & Clear

Profile & Tasting Notes: Balanced, Dry Finish

Best Served: Chilled and Warm

Gero, Gifu

Tenryo Shuzo

Founded in 1680, we make sake in Gero City, which is famous for Gero Onsen.

Using local sake brewing suitable rice, sake brewed in natural aseptic groundwater pumped from our company 30 meters is a sake that is suitable for beautiful and sweet dishes.

We brew sake that we want you to enjoy while thinking of the mountains and rivers of Hida.