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Yamadanishiki Tokubetsu Honjyozo 720ml

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"Yamada Nishiki" is the best sake-making rice. This sake is brewed with Yamada Nishiki 100% which is grown at the top  producing district of the rice called "Toku A (Super A)" in Hyogo. It is dry tasting with Umami of rice and a clean finish.    



Our brewery was established in our hometown in 1889 by six young men who strived to serve their home, Nishinomiya. Their unique collaboration was ground-breaking, as it was the first independent brewery founded by forming a legal partnership during a time when breweries were only family-owned enterprises.

Nowadays there are about 1,300 sake breweries in Japan. Nihonsakari is one of the largest and most significant in the country.

We produce superb sake with traditional techniques and methods pioneered and passed down from our guild of craftmen, the Tamba Toji (toji means “master-brewer”), as well as with cutting-edge technologies.