About Us

Tokyo Mart brings the best of Japan to Australia.
Japanese cuisine is fast becoming one of the most popular cuisines in Australia. The delicate flavours and beneficial health aspects of Japanese foods are capturing the tastes of the Australian population. Helping to provide these tastes is Tokyo Mart.
We started as a small Japanese grocery store in NSW, which opened in
1976 to cater to a growing Japanese population. The concept was to import and provide high-quality food products that weren't readily available in Australia at the time. We also had the foresight to realise that the general Australian population would soon discover the delights of Japanese cooking.
The success of the first shop led us to grow further. We now supply nation-widely through our interstate retail shops.
We are proud of the role Tokyo Mart played in the process of putting dishes such as teriyaki, sukiyaki, sushi, and tempura to in all common places today in Australia. As we become a more health-conscious society, Japanese food provides a healthy alternative to fast food as well as providing exciting new flavours. The Success of sushi shops and Japanese restaurants are a testament to this. It is not only in Japanese style eateries where we are seeing this growth. Japanese flavours are turning up everywhere from our finest modern restaurants to even the humble takeaway. Tokyo Mart has been the company that has ensured top quality authentic ingredients and products have been available to these businesses. Tokyo Mart can provide all your Japanese culinary needs, with over 5,000 products available in their range from every ingredient imaginable for Japanese style cooking to beverages, confectionery, chinaware and kitchen utensils. With many years of experience, we know how to keep up to date with the latest trends and
sources top quality products from Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong,
Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the United States. Tokyo Mart also realises that Australia has some of the best resources in the world and have used these to create a line of Australian made products including Koshihikari, Japanese style bread crumbs, pickled ginger, noodles and much more. Our constant research and growth ensure that we will provide your business with the best quality products available on the market. Most importantly, Tokyo Mart’s experience and expertise mean that they are the best company to rely on for your Japanese products.