Hirota Shuzuoten Junmai Daiginjo Nadeshiko 720ml

Hirota Shuzuoten Junmai Daiginjo Nadeshiko 720ml

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Sake brewed from yeast flower from Nadeshiko, the sake rice of Iwate Prefecture.
It has a bright scent and a refreshing aftertaste.
Enjoy the world of colorful aroma and flavor woven from acid and Nadeshiko flower yeast.
Sweet type of alcohol.
shiwa town, iwate

Hirota Shuzoten

The first female Nanbu Toji (brewmaster) craft sake using the "Sanki Amazake Moto" method

Hirota Shuzoten is a small sake brewery located in Shiwa Town, Shiwa County, Iwate Prefecture, known as the "birthplace of Nanbu Toji (brewmaster)."

The company was founded in December 1903 by Kiheiji Hirota, the first-generation in the family, when he took over a reputable sake brewery in the area. The company has been brewing sake since the end of World War II under the name Hirota Shuzoten.