"Nakano Shuzo" Kunizakari Wa no Kokoro Yuzu 500ml

"Nakano Shuzo" Kunizakari Wa no Kokoro Yuzu 500ml

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Japanese Liqueur

  • Alcohol Level: 7%
  • Made in Aichi, Japan


Nakano Sake Brewery Co., LTD, originated from Handa City in Aichi prefecture on Chita peninsula of Central Japan, has continued the tradition of sake brewing for over 300 years.

Kunizakari was founded in 1844, blessed with its beautiful environment with naturally distilled water, and history of sake-brewing tradition has made the city prosper over the years. Kunizakari translates to “flourishing along with the growth of Japan”. 

Nakano Sake Brewery's mission statement is "Bringing prosperity to people's lifestyle through Sake(Alcohol)". This naturally leads to providing traditional products at its finest quality, but also to provide captivating aspects that fit the modern consumer needs.