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Kuroushi Umeshu 720ml

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Well matured Ume, Japanese apricot is soaked during over 90 days in white liqueur. After Ume is taken out and 1-year storage, the very Junmaishu Kuroushi is mixed and matured again. The ume variety is absolutely Nanko Ume from Wakayama. This has the calm matureness and the high elegant ume flavour.

Nate Shuzoten

This brewery was founded in 2020. President Nate is in the fifth generations and focuses on the Junmai  Sake. Over 95% is Junmai, junmai ginjyo, or junmai daiginjo. While cherishing the local area, we try to balance big cities and overseas markets. Because of the water used is a little hard, fermentation tends to become stronger and the characteristics of Sake are its rich and smooth taste.Toji Okai belongs to Noto toji association, but he graduated the college in Wakayama and now he leads 8 young talented cohesive members.