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Kicchomu 720ml

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Japanese Shochu

  • Shochu Type: Barley 
  • Alcohol Level: 25%
  • Made in Oita, Japan

Appearance is clear, beautifully transparent. Medium-plus intensity and viscosity. It has a delicate fruity nose like yellow citrus on the first impression. Such combine with succulent sand pear, mangosteen and pretty small white flowers. After airing, it shows more milky notes like melon and white bread. Toasty notes derived from wheat comes out towards the finish. The palate is smooth, medium body, comfortable mouthfeel. It has quite detailed alcohol, and stone fruits like subtle sweetness. Alcohol is tightened to the finish and leaving the flavour of bright fruit on the length. Quite fruity taste. This fruitless and supple texture will go well with any fruit. It hasn't bitterness and harsh taste like gin and vodka, so it is perfect base spirits for mellow and mild cocktails.


Nikaido Shuzo