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Miwa Shuzo Shirakawago Sasanigori Junmai Ginjo 720ml

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Created by mixing a small amount of unrefined Ginjo to the sharp taste of pure rice Ginjo. A full-bodied sake with a clear and delicate aftertaste. Sasanigori is a popular choice across the world.



Since it was founded in 1837, Miwa Shuzo, which used to be an Ogaki Domain warrant sake brewery, has been brewing the favourite local sake of Ogaki, which is famous for its plentiful spring water. Over 40 years ago, the mayor of Shirakawa village requested that it produce unrefined sake like Doburoku, which was served at the Doburoku Festival in the Historic Villages of Shirakawa-go. The resulting product, Shirakawa-go pure rice Nigori-zake (unrefined sake), has become one of Miwa Shuzo’s popular brands, with strong support from domestic and international sake fans.