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Takahashi Shuzo Hakutake Kin Shiro 720ml

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Japanese Shochu

  • Shochu Type: Rice 
  • Alcohol Level: 25%
  • Made in Japan

Takahashi Shuzo

Takahashi Shuzo distillery was established in 1900. Since then, we have produced rice shochu and become the brand leader. Kuma Shochu was originally characterized by a strong flavor and was enjoyed mainly by local people. In 1974, we started using a modern pot still, a reduced pressure distillation system, and successfully created a soft aroma and taste so more people can appreciate it. This revolutionized Kuma Shochu and lead to the birth of Hakutake Shiro. "Hakutake Shiro" is made using this method. While maintaining the rich aroma of rice it successfully gives a mild, smooth, easy-to-drink finish, making it the top of Kuma Shochu, which appeals to people across the country.  Currently, our flagship brand  "Hakutake Shiro" is being exported to over twenty countries and it has gained international acclaims, such as the Monde Selection and Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.