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Sanwa Shurui Iichiko 25% 900ml

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Japanese Shochu

  • Shochu Type: Barley 
  • Alcohol Level: 25%
  • Made in Oita, Japan

Iichiko is produced using only carefully selected barley, koji making barley, and natural, clear water. The result is a best-selling authentic shochu spirit whose mellow flavour ensures you’ll never get tired of it.


Sanwa Shurui

In 1958, three family companies merged to form Sanwa (san for ‘three’, wa for ‘harmony’). A fourth family joined the following year, and the newly formed company produced a diverse range of sake, wine, and shochu. In 1979, iichiko debuted as a shochu made from 100% barley and distilled only once – a premium class of shochu known as honkaku shochu. Today, iichiko is the leading brand of barley shochu in Japan.

Sanwa Shurui is located in Oita Prefecture,northeast of Kyushu island, Japan. A place of natural beauty and clear-running water.We strive to craft a comprehensive range offermented and distilled beverages of thehighest possible quality, including iichiko brand barley shochu spirit as well as sake,wine, brandy, and other spirits, at the sake-no-mori facility, a place that is ideally suited to this task.