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Sanwa Shurui Iichiko 20% 900ml

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Japanese Shochu

  • Shochu Type: Barley 
  • Alcohol Level: 20%
  • Made in Oita, Japan

Soft and pleasant to the taste. Its rich flavour extends even when mixed with water. Experience the excellent taste of genuine shochu produced using a process exclusive to this 20% ABV drink.


Sanwa Shurui

In 1958, three family companies merged to form Sanwa (san for ‘three’, wa for ‘harmony’). A fourth family joined the following year, and the newly formed company produced a diverse range of sake, wine, and shochu. In 1979, iichiko debuted as a shochu made from 100% barley and distilled only once – a premium class of shochu known as honkaku shochu. Today, iichiko is the leading brand of barley shochu in Japan.

Sanwa Shurui is located in Oita Prefecture,northeast of Kyushu island, Japan. A place of natural beauty and clear-running water.We strive to craft a comprehensive range offermented and distilled beverages of thehighest possible quality, including iichiko brand barley shochu spirit as well as sake,wine, brandy, and other spirits, at the sake-no-mori facility, a place that is ideally suited to this task.